URBANØÏZ is a creative graphic brand especially city-themed.

This project is started from consideration about our city life based on his experience travelling into many different countries. It contains questions about our existence identified by documents, about in what defines us in the overflowing medias, informations and with message about invisible surveillance and control.

URBANØÏZ is not only a commercial design work but various artistic fields

such as exhibition, fashion, and music with the theme of “The City”.


We are continuing visual experiences to form “A Culture” that any character brands couldn't do.


<2019 Taipai Gameshow> Taipei, Taiwan
<2019 WeWork Creator Awards> Seoul, South Korea



<Bitsummit> Kyoto, Japan

<Young Creative Korea 2018> Seoul, South Korea


<Carte de Visite> Brussels, Belgium

<BIC Festival> Busan, South Korea

<ParisArtistes#> Paris, France

<G-Star> Busan, South Korea



<Concours International d’Arts Visuels> - JPR. Montreal, Canada

<Festival Bam> La Roche-en Ardenne, Belgium

<Live, Leave> - D.Art, Seoul, South Korea

<mååk 1st exhibition> - D.nomade. Seoul, South Korea

<New Makers Korea 2016> - D.nomade. Seoul, South Korea

<2016 Busan Design Festival> Busan, South Korea

<2016 Seoul Design Festival> Seoul, South Korea



<Parlez-Vous Francais?>- ‘Bx1’ TV Interview, Belgium

<Not Random Art>- Web Magazine Interview

<Busan Design Festival Live>- ‘KNN’ TV Interview, Busan, South Korea

<Le Trampoline> - Web Magazine, France 

<당신의 도시는 안녕하십니까? '어바노이즈 공화국'> - Inven, South Korea
<그래픽 디자이너가 만든 인디게임, 어바노이즈 공화국> - 월간디자인, South Korea



In the flood of contents that present only style without precise values and philosophy,

URBANØÏZ communicates with public by throwing question and pondering the deep philosophy and message that ‘the brand’ has to have.

The main keyword and the most important concept of URBANØÏZ’s identity is “the city”.

We are all influenced by the cities we live in.

Numerous media, documentary systems and

information in the city define us and limit our lives at the same time.

URBANØÏZ expresses these discourses graphically and aims to create a forum for great cultural communication about the city

with a virtual universe and character breathing

in it.


In the end, we are an art project to communicate

and to throw various messages to modern people through many visual and aesthetic experiment based on the theme of city and

at the same time, we are “Urban design brand” proposing the most ‘urban’ style with graphic works and brand products related to it as well.

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